You’re wondering, “what are you getting at, Dom??

Ok, here's what's up: About two years ago, I heard about this thing called the Pacific Crest Trail. It's the same hike Reese Witherspoon goes on in the movie 'Wild'. Only in that movie, she does it because her mom is dying and she is addicted to alley sex with strangers. I, on the other hand, hiked it because I knew it was going to be an incredible adventure and an equally incredible challenge. Now, a year or so later it´s time to hit the trail again. I´ll be tackling the Great Divide Trail (GDT) which starts at the US border and winds up all the way up to Cameron Lake which is somewhere up north in Canada. 1`200 km through the wilderness with my non existing navigation skills. But hey, got to keep life interesting right? 

Stay tuned and bye for now,